A Murder in NYC (Drops on December 25, 2024)

A Murder in NYC (Drops on December 25, 2024)


This is the debut novel in this hilarious mystery series starring the most unlikely investigative team...a high-paid criminal profiler and her nosey mother.

Tracy "Tiny" LeBlanc is a former Criminal Profiler who decides to leave her stressful job and use her hefty inheritance to become a Travel Influencer. Traveling across the world and posting about the amazing cities and sites that she visits brings her a joy and freedom that she never knew existed. But Tiny's life takes a drastic turn when a Category 4 hurricane strikes her hometown of New Orleans and wipes out her childhood home; leaving her mother, Ida LeBlanc, homeless. Like any good child, Tiny opens her doors to her mother. But what she thought would be a temporary living arrangement becomes permanent. Now, Ida accompanies Tiny on many of her trips and so does murder and mayhem. 

Their first trip together is to New York City. While traveling on the subway, a woman tells Ida that she's being followed by a man who has threatened to kill her. When Ida turns to tell Tiny what the woman said, the train stops and people get on and off the subway train. During the commotion, Ida takes her eyes off the mysterious lady. When the train starts again, the woman is dead...with a knife plunged into her chest. The police seem willing to chalk it up as just another unfortunate subway incident, but Tiny's investigative skills kick in and she feels compelled to solve the crime. What was supposed to be a leisurely trip to the Big Apple, turns into an unauthorized murder investigation that leads the mother/daughter duo into a web of secrets that they may not be able to escape.